Potato Peeler “Anvil” – 12Kg With Timer

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* Tried and tested robust door, designed with ease of use in mind
* Stand and sludge trap supplied as standard
* Improves your profits by easily preparing your own chips on your premises
* Flat packed for easy delivery
* Peels 12kg of potatoes in 2 minutes
* Potato ejection chute specially designed to ensure minimal damage to potatoes when ejecting – even extra large potatoes
* Splash guard fitted onto motor, to ensure damage due to water penetration, is minimized
* Removable gritting system
* Cast alumimium wave plate specially designed to minimize waste and improve the effiency of the peeler
* High grade Stainless Steel drum
* User friendly door handle mechanism
* Rubber lid, to minimise vibration noise

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780 x 420 x 1450mm