Junior Smoking Cabinet Butcherquip – 170Lt

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* High quality all Stainless Stieel quality consruction
* Smoking and drying functions controlled with a simple to operate venting system
* Temperature controlled by a digital indicating electronic controller in the case of the 600Lt unit and via a thermostat control on the junior smoker
* The junior smoker drying cycle has natural convection
* The 600Lt smoker drying cycle has fan assisted convection
* The smoking cycle is achieved using natural convection with an ignition element for wood chips
* Inner parts easily removable for easy cleaning
* Smoked product has low mass loss
* Junior smoker fitted with electromechanical timer and time lapse signal to indicate completion of cycle.

10 x Aluminium rods
1 x Sawdust grid
1 x Ashtray
1 x Expanded mesh tray

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1015 x 610 x 940mmCHAMBER SIZE: 785 x 500 x 500mm