Flat Top Grill Anvil – Egg & Bacon – 600Mm – Elec

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* Heavy duty 10mm cooking plate for high heat retention
* Grease trough drains into bottom mounted grease collection pan
* Splashback prevents undue grease spattering
* Rapidly heats up to optimum cooking temperature
* Flat top griller thermostatically controlled up to a max of 300*C
* Egg griller thermostatically controlled up to max of 180*C
* Element design ensures even heating over entire cooking surface
* The egg and bacon grillers are ideal for breakfasts. Use either the egg griller (D) for frying eggs in oil bath or use the combination (E) to fry eggs on one side, sausages, bacon and tomatoes on the other side
* Buy the half flat / half ribbed griddle to give you versatility, use the flat half for bacon and eggs and the ribbed side to give burgers and steaks the authentic ?grill house look?

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623 x 532 x 241mm

Grill Area

605 x 420mm