Dish Washer Dihr Ht11 Hood – Type

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* Extra large washtank reduces detergent cost
* Gravity drain recommended drain height 150mm from the ground
* Drain pump kit optional on all dishwashers suitable for existing installations
* To eliminate breakages, use racks as storage racks to save time, money and handling
* Minumum water pressure required 2 bar
* Max plate height: 410mm
* Max tray height: Gastronorm 1/1 (530 x 325)
* Deep-formed tank
* Independent wash/rinse arms
* Built-In rinse-aid pumps
* Double tank filters & pump filter
* Electronic timer & thermostat
* Hood operated start/stop function

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720 x 735 x 1400/1890mmBASKET SIZE: 500 x 500mm

Wash Tank

35Lt OUTPUT: Approx 60 racks per hour


116kg (gross weight)