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All models (except the 3Lt and 5Lt quick release, which come with 3)
comes standard with a set of four funnel nozzles for different diameter
sausages. Well suited as a backup for making speciality fl avoured
sausages for your customers
• Exceptionally strong, easy to use. Suitable for producing any kind
of sausage
• 3Lt and 5Lt fi llers are ideal for hunters, home industries, etc
• Larger models are suitable for higher volume demands
• Upright fi llers are great for saving space
• Fillers with gears save time and labour
• Stainless Steel cylinders – easily removable to clean
• Various size funnels are available
• To avoid damage when using the 12mm or smaller nozzles ensure
that the product has been processed fi rst through 8mm plate,
then a 4.5mm plate